Anglo-Saxon Ironwork

April 2016 | PJO Archaeology

In 1995 I prepared a paper for Anglo-Saxon England on Mid-Late Anglo-Saxon ironwork based on research for my DPhil thesis at York University. For various reasons it was not published. However, I am now making it available on the web. I have not changed the content to take account of my recent research, but I think that it remains, none the less a comprehensive introduction to the subject. I have updated the references to take account of the publication of material, including that from Flixborough (see page on this site), which was unpublished at the time of my original research.

The paper can be downloaded in four parts. Part 1 covers sources and properties of iron, the smithy and the smiths' tools, craftworkers' tools, and agricultural and fishing tools. Part 2 covers knives, other tools and implelements, structural ironwork and fittings, and locks and keys. Part 3 covers dress fittings and riding equipment, horse equipment and arrowheads, and has a general conclusion. The notes and references for Parts 1-3 are in Part 4. 

Patrick Ottaway


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