Julia Velva Roman Lady from York

May 2022 | Pen & Sword Books

Published in 2021 by Pen & Sword was a book by Patrick Ottaway entitled: 

Julia Velva, A Roman Lady from York: her life and times revealed.

The tombstone of Julia Velva, now in the Yorkshire Museum and one of the best preserved examples from Roman Britain, was found close to a Roman road just outside the centre of York in 1922. Fifty years old when she died in the early third century, Julia Velva was probably from a wealthy family able to afford a fine monument. The book uses the tombstone as a starting point to investigate what the world she lived in was like. Drawing on the latest archaeological discoveries and scientific techniques, the book describes the development of York's legionary fortress, civilian town and surrounding landscape. It also looks at manufacturing and trade, and considers the structure of local society along with latest analytical of evidence for people of different ethnic backgrounds. Aspects of daily life discussed include literacy, costume, cosmetics and diet.

Isbn  9781526710970

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